Carshalton by the Church – Oil Framed 50 x 40 cm

Celia di Massimo Website

Light, colour, action –  just about says it all about my approach! I have a passion for paint and experiment in every medium and subject.  I am a member of The Surrey Hills Artists, Ashtead Art Group and Breech Lane Group and exhibit regularly.

Portraits, particularly of animals, are a speciality and quite different to my more usual impressionistic paintings. I enjoy choosing from a range of techniques to suit the subject in hand rather than rely on a specific style. I hope this helps to keep my work fresh and different.

I try to work with as many artists as I can and apart from gaining inspiration from their work , seeing the world from their perspective helps me to constantly reassess and learn.
The following artists have been a great  help to me and I am privileged to have studied with them in this country and abroad. In strictly alphabetical order they are: Jamel Akib, Freda Anderson, Roger Dellar, Margaret Eggleton, Chris Forsey, Soraya French, Keith Morton, David Napp and John Shave. I hope you will view their sites via my links page and be as enthused by their work as I am.