Scarves – Figurative drawing, coloured pencils and ink 16x21cm framed

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I am an Italian teacher; poet; short story writer and painter. I live in Chobham (Surrey) and teach as a tutor in the Surrey area and in London. I also contribute as a reviewer for London Grip, Write Out Loud, South, The High Window, Woking Writers Circle website, Tears in the Fence, Litro magazine and The Temz review, and was an Editor at Large for The Blue Nib magazine. I read my work at Poetry events around the country. I attend the Woking Stanza group and the Woking Writers Circle as well as being a member of Woking Art Society, the Poetry Society and of Second Light Network for women poets.

My inspiration, both in writing and in painting, comes from where I live, what I do and the people I meet. It can be a view of English landscape, flowers on a wall, working in my back garden, or an encounter. I am also very much inspired by travels, exhibitions and memories. I think most of my work is a revisited memory of what I saw and experienced in the recent or distant past.